Hello Everyone,

I hope that this post finds you well in body and spirit. As many of you know, as a music teacher I have hundreds of kids in and out of my room all day. This leads to a bunch of challenges and headaches all day long. Primary among these issues are classroom management and record keeping. These are the two biggest issues that I dealt with last year.  As a result I went back to the drawing board this summer and tried to come up with one solution that can solve both these issues. That is when a friend suggested that I use a system similar to the “Harry Potter House” in my class. Well, it sounds great in theory but my school is a stickler for copyright protection. As a result, I turned on my computer and started brainstorming ideas that could fit the overall themes. I ended with a classroom management system that uses composers (and a few artists) to create new “houses” for the students. This system not only allows peers to have influence over classmates behavior (eliminates students encouraging poor behavior) but it also allows me to have already pre-determined groups for projects and seating arrangements.  If you would like to learn more about this classroom management method please download the documentation and the pictures below.


Download here (Class Houses)


Musically Yours,



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