Hello Everyone!

I always am looking for fun activities that I can do with my students. This weeks idea started last year when I taught k-5 general music. I wanted to incorporate rhythms into my daily classes but I had no idea how I could make it fun for the kids. So I started thinking of some way that I could teach rhythmic concepts and still entertain my students to keep them actively involved. Therefore, I started cutting out fish shapes on construction paper and writing rhythms on them. The students loved it! Even my fifth graders wanted to play with the fishy rhythms. However, I soon found that students wanted their own fishes to take home so I developed a game in which students would compete to learn a rhythms without my help. I called it the fish of the week and the first student to correctly identify the rhythm could take the fish home. As a result I was getting calls from parents that were telling me how excited students were getting about the fish. This was great news to me as a first year teacher because not only was I getting students excited about music but also their parents. Flash forward a year and I am at a new school facing the same issues as my old school so I decided to bring the fishy rhythms back. But mass producing music fish is time-consuming. As a result I have revamped the design (with the help of some brilliant music teachers) and thought I would share them with you. Students will color the fish and I will laminate them to different colored construction paper based on difficulty. I have attached a picture a pdf and a word document for your downloading pleasure. In order to change the fishy rhythms you will need musisync which will work with word. The fish design was taken from a free public domain site located here. Have fun!

Musical Fish – Word

Musical Fish – PDF


Stay Curious,

The Modern Teacher