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I hope that this post finds you prepared for the next school year. A few days ago I found a bag of “Googly Eyes” and I thought to myself what if I could turn this into a fun way for kids to learn musical terms. After talking to many music teachers I found that many of them showed interest in a similar characters. That night, I went home and started creating the musical characters that you see before you. You get two copies of each character, one with the name and one without. I have listed all included characters below. I have also included the Adobe fireworks file should you wish to edit the characters to your liking. I hope that y’all can find a use for them in your classroom.

Treble Clef
Bass Clef
Alto Clef
Whole Rote/Rest
Half Note/Rest
Quarter Note/Rest
Eighth Note/Rest
Sixteenth Note/Rest
Double Eighth Note
Quadruple Sixteenth Note


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CannonEducation Music Characters

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