What Good leaders Do

///What Good leaders Do

What Good leaders Do

Responsibility diagram upadated

  • Appoint and develop the people the organisation/teams needs and just those they like or get on with.
  • Develop a culture of respect and trust allowing people to make mistakes without fear of penalty.
  • Expect the organisation to be a learning one which self-evaluates and acts responsibly.
  • Are seen and known by their team.
  • Accept counsel from their team and make decisions in a timely manner.
  • Communicate regularly and clearly in order to avoid ambiguity and rumour.
  • Are willing to change decisions or a course of action when evidence suggests it is appropriate to do so.
  • Let their team get on with it.
  • Deflect any influences that may damage the team and core activity in any way.
  • Ensure the capacity of the team is never exceeded.
  • Adopt or suitably modify only those practices and initiatives that support the team and core activity.

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