Hello Readers,

I hope that you have found this blog in good health and spirit. Let me first apologize for not posting lately. I have found that trying to stick to a blogging schedule as a teacher is nearly impossible. Regardless, today I come to you with a pressing question that I have heard more and more lately. What languages do you use in your classroom? As a music teacher I use at least five different languages on a daily basis in my classroom. In my classroom I tend to stick to French, English, Latin, Spanish and Italian. These languages are utilized when welcoming my class and introducing musical terms. Every class begins with saying hello in a different language. I have found that students have fun with this welcoming and it tends to put them at ease. I utilize English and a little Spanish for the bulk of my instruction. I know that it may seem a little strange to use multiple languages in an American classroom; however, I feel that it is essential for the growth and development of well-rounded learners. What is your opinion? What languages do you use in your classroom and how do you feel it impacts your school?


Stay Curious



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