Hello Educators,


I hope that this post finds you well in body and spirit. On the last day of school I have a tradition of reflecting on the past years lessons and beginning adjustments for the next school year. This year I decided to take a step back and look at the big picture for my district. In the past I have always treated my classroom as a mecca for musical knowledge. This means that I always start with the basics of music and build from there. However, I have found that in a district where most of my students’ musical education stops in the sixth grade I seemed to be missing something. This past year has been very trying for me as a music educator. My students took very little interest in my musical lessons but put forward great effort on our class projects. Moreover, as I prepare for the next school year, I find myself struggling with what I path I want to take with my students. Do I continue to push the fundamentals of music or do I try to give my students a passion for music appreciation. One will help them develop great musicianship and one will inspire them to hear music in their daily lives. I want to hear your opinions, what do you do in your classroom? Is there truly a middle ground that can be found between these two paths?


Musically Yours,