Skills Attributes Attitudes Behaviors

Grit and other learning requirements form part the skills, attitudes, attributes and behaviours that from part of the learning toolkit we as learners need to assemble. Like any toolkit there is a need to have a range available depending on the needs at the time. Our learning landscape is not fixed and this flexibility is part of a set of underpinning skills sometimes called “executive skills” needed to develop our learning strategies. Focusing on one and ignoring others can be as damaging as not having any in the first place. One size in education does not fit all and neither does one learning skill or behaviour suit all learning situations.

Learning Dialogue

The key to me is to begin the dialogue about the learning environment and how to manage it to meet your own learning needs as soon as possible. There are a number of associated ideas, concepts and approaches that presently emerging almost independently of each other as we try to improve the process of learning and employ what we know about brain development etc. My approach is to bring all of these under one roof, to say that no is appropriate in all circumstances but that they should all be in the learner toolkit. I call this approach “Learning Intelligence” and define it as the ability to manage your learning environment to meet your own learning needs.


Whilst very young learners may not have reached the developmental stage where they can begin to take responsibility for managing their learning environment Learning Intelligence (LQ) provides the means by which we can start a learning dialogue and show how the learning environment can be managed.

More about Learning Intelligence

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