1. Describe the purpose for your original multimedia/hypermedia product.
    1. The purpose of this media is to show teachers (potential users) how they can combine multiple clips into a single video. This video is part of a bigger post that discusses the items used and strategy utilized to splice multiple recordings into a single video.
  2. Describe a target audience for the multimedia/hypermedia product.
    1. Educators who wish to incorporate more technology into their music classroom.
  3. Identify the software you chose to create the product and rationalize your choice of this software.
    1. Mixcraft (audio)
      1. This program allowed me to record multiple different audio files and splice them together into a single audio example. This was then exported as a single .mp3 file that could be imported into adobe premiere.
    2. Adobe Premiere (Video and audio Splicing)
      1. This program was utilized as it allowed me to line up multiple video files into one continuous display. I then used the audio track that was made in mixcraft and exported the video as a .mp4 format.
    3. Discuss the process that you followed to create your multimedia/hypermedia product so that someone else could follow your steps to create similar products.
      1. I first started by setting up my spark mic and go pro to record audio and video files.
        1. Spark mic recorded directly into mixcraft. I made a new audio track for each instrument.
      2. Once I had my recordings, I mixed down audio in the audio and exported the audio file as a .mp3.
      3. I then imported the raw video files and audio into Adobe Premere.
      4. Following the import, I organized the video into a 4 quadrant layout and set up the timing of the videos to match the audio.
      5. I exported the video in a .mp4 video format and uploaded it to youtube.
      6. On the post, I utilized one of my premade templates and embedded the video in the page.

  Discuss the product’s conceptual framework process by doing the following:

  1. Provide the conceptual framework (concept map) that helped you in the design and development process (e.g., storyboard, flowchart, diagram).
  2. Discuss how your conceptual framework helped you in your design and development process.
    1. The flowchart helped me organize the different parts that I wanted to record with the final goal in mind. Furthermore, having all of the shots laid out helped me be more efficient with my time when recording the video components.