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Our staff has years of experience in the field of education.


Our staff loves to learn and share their knowledge with the world. 


Our staff bloggers have years of experience and bring unique content and prospective to our team


On “The Modern Teacher” you will find content that is unique to our platform. Our creators have years of experience in the education field and offer tools and tips that will help fill your educational toolkit. 

Creative Platform

The Modern Teacher works with our staff bloggers to create unique layouts and platforms for their works. We are always looking for fun an creative blogging ideas.

Creative Perspectives

At “The Modern Teacher” we are always looking for creative bloggers with a passion for improving the educational community. If you are interested in becoming a staff blogger click the link below. 

Seamless Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates rich multimedia and social networks. This allows you to focus on sharing your passion, not fixing plugins.

Modern Design

Our platform looks great on any device. It automatically adjust to give the best experience on any device.

Forwarding and Masking

We can point your custom domain to our host allowing you to mask the URL with your custom web address.

Custom Design

We can offer free custom blog designs so that your experience is as unique as you. 

Staff Bloggers

Cannon Education

Raymond Cannon teaches in the United States. He has been teaching music to elementary and middle school students for seven years. Currently he teaches beginning band and jazz in Illinois. His blog reflects his dual passion for music and technology. 

Kevin Hewitson

Kevin has 36 years experience as a teacher and has been Assistant Head of School responsible for learning strategies and influencing teaching and learning. His aim has always been to engage and challenge both higher performing learners and those who see learning as a challenge. He has taken this work forward independently and is now an educational consultant and keynote speaker working with educational organisations, schools and teachers. He is a practical, innovative, strategic thinker who enjoys finding beneficial and creative solutions for improving teaching and learning. He is creator of a concept he refers to as ‘Learning Intelligence’ (LQ). LQ is defined as the ability to manage your learning environment to meet your learning needs. He is author of many educational resources within the “Teaching Ideas” series and has recently published ‘Understanding Learning Needs’ and is working on ‘LQ, How to Survive Your Education’.

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