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Hello Modern Teachers,

I hope that this post finds you all well in body and mind. As many of you know, this year I have changed jobs. I now spend a large portion of my time traveling from school to school teaching small group lessons. This change has required me to reevaluate the items that I carry in my backpack. Moreover, this new job has taken its toll on my teaching supplies. On the first day, I broke my pencil sharpener in half whilst traveling on the motorcycle to my next school! As a result I began asking my fellow teachers and school staff what they sharpeners they use. Over and over again, I was told that I have to check out the “Classroom Friendly Sharpener!” To my surprise, one of the school secretaries gave me a blue sharper for my birthday in October.  So I started putting this little sharpener through its paces. I was rather surprised with how well the full metal body held up to constantly being thrown around in my backpack. Even more surprising was the fact that it always sharpened my pencils to a perfect point.  It truly is a wondrous piece of engineering and design.  However, I didn’t want to take my sharpener to the extreme in fear that I might break it. So I contacted the company and told them I was interested in doing a review for the blog and they sent me another one for free! When I received my new “Firehouse Red Sharpener” I started putting “Old Blue” through her paces. Over the last month I have sharpened my whole year supply of pencils (all 500 of them)! I have yet to clog or destroy the sharpener. The blade is still as sharp as the day I received it and it is still going strong. As the year goes on I will post more on this sharpener and how it is holding up.


Stay Curious,




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