Work Samples

Desktop Publishing

This is a sample lesson plan that I created for teaching instrumental music. It is part of a large curriculum and focuses on early note reading and instrumental activities. 


This is a presentation with a sample lesson plan that I developed to teach staff about different learning theories and theories of design. This powerpoint was utilized at an in service staff meeting. 


This sheet was created with custom pull commands to summarize sheet information on a “Master Sheet” to track student progress. 


Database management is something that I have many years of experience with. In the early days, I utilized databases to track players on the Minecraft servers I developed. Now, I utilize “Soda DB” to track errors and logs on the many projects I oversee. Below you will find a link to a sample database that one can utilize to track bugs. 


The purpose of this media is to show teachers (potential users) how they can combine multiple clips into a single video. This video is part of a bigger post that discusses the items used and strategy utilized to splice multiple recordings into a single video.

Graphics Processing

Part of Website design and management is creating visual content for your website. I have years of expertise with creating websites and photo editing, this allows me to quickly build and publish your website.